Rene Rawls

With hands-on experience challenging the minds of tots, tweens, and teens, Rene Rawls is a former teacher turned writer who now has a classroom full of students all around the world. She’s participated in several programs with her kids-centered content, including Tribeca All Access and the PGA Diversity Workshop. Rene loves the fun and magical moments of learning, so she strives to capture that in the content she creates. Rene also firmly believes that what children see in the media can be just as impactful as what they don’t see; especially when they don’t see themselves. So she strives to create content for that unseen child. Her animated script, Sule and the Case of the Tiny Sparks, stars an African proverb detective and was the recipient of the 1st Annual Mandela Day/Tribeca All Access Award. Sule was produced as an animated short, and it has over 200,000 Youtube views to date. Rene participated in the Iowa Writers’ Workshop with her middle grade novel, Leba: Modern Day Savior, and her feature script about youth football in South Florida, The Big League (which is about kids but not for them), is currently being developed with RDR Release Films. In May 2020, Rene will graduate with her MFA in TV/Screenwriting from Stephens College.