Jana Gamble

Jana M. Gamble, is a Producer, Screenwriter, Director, Assistant Director, Speaker, Author & Advocate. She was born in the small town of Moberly, Missouri to two loving parents- Ron Gamble, an African American man who was a MO State Trooper and Sandy Gamble a Mexican American woman who worked in childcare. Jana was born with the desire and tenacity to be a great leader. Following her parents’ divorce Gamble was raised by her single mother who was a foster mother to many and volunteered religiously in the community. Jana stands solid on this foundation of giving and lives by a philanthropic lifestyle always helping those in need. Gamble sits on several non-profit boards and volunteers for her favorite charities with a new concentration of providing underserved youth opportunities to view mainstream films and create their own.
Gamble went from hosting her own shows to an imaginary audience as a child to fearlessly leading her senior high school Broadcasting program both her junior and senior years. Gamble became a self-taught anchor, script writer and video editor for her school. With a passion for film, Jana moved to St. Louis, MO (StL) in 2000 to attend Webster University for film production. After completing her freshman year Gamble’s life would lead her on other routes for the next 12 years, but they always involved producing events and various forms of media for both not-for-profit and for profit businesses. During that time Gamble became a speaker, self-published author publishing 3 books, hosted an internet radio show and received an international award for her dedication to youth through her community service work.
In 2013, at the age of 31 just four months after winning her battle over renal cell carcinoma (cancer), Gamble began working for Lovelace Films. She dove in head first wearing multiple hats and learning everything she could. She worked as a Producer, Assistant Director and Screenwriter creating independent films and television show pilots in a wide range of genres. Finally her life had come full circle and she began living her dream of being a filmmaker. One year later, Jana decided to start her own production company called It’s A Gamble Production. It’s A Gamble Production provides independent filmmakers assistance during development, pre-production and production with film and television projects. Services vary from Consulting, Administrative duties, Screenwriting, Casting, Location Scouting, Assistant Director responsibilities, Craft
Services, providing Production Assistants and more. It’s A Gamble Production also assists non-profits with behind the scenes photography and video production on a limited basis.
Due to her involvement as the VP and managing the PR for Mike Brown, Sr.’s Chosen for Change Foundation during the unrest in Ferguson, MO in 2014, Gamble and her company became targets for unwarranted death threats and negativity. Months later, as the StL/Ferguson community began to return to a new normal, Gamble decided to change the name of her company to Purposed Productions. Gamble continues to partner with Lovelace Films from StL to LA to produce original, independent film and tv such as The First Pick, Eyes Don’t Lie and Rock the movie. In 2018 Gamble acquired rights to the Marie-Christine Williams Story based on the book The Dark Side of Human Nature: The Rwandan Massacre of April-July 1994. From the faith-based, book-to-film and even straight hood scripts- Gamble’s voice is being heard. Purposed Productions is bringing Hollywood to St. Louis through film, tv and providing youth opportunities to explore history & the healing art of filmmaking. Gamble resides in St. Louis, MO with her two amazing teenage children.