Sadiq Abu

Guinean/Sierra Leonean/American Sadiq Abu was born and raised in the Kono District of Sierra Leone, West Africa. At an early age, because of the uncertainty in Sierra Leone, he pursued a life long journey to every sub Saharan African country by road. He spent some time in East Africa before finally settling down in South Africa, where he continued to pursue his work as an actor. He studied at the Market theatre for 2 years. This journey was a spiritual one that made him who he is today, “I feel blessed to be still standing.” Story telling has always been close to his heart and theatre/films is his way of sharing his stories. Through the days of traveling, theatre/films have been a means of survival for him. He has met, known, and experienced many great people in his life that he is truly blessed by. He presently resides in California where he works as a full-time actor and enjoys all of the great successes as an actor. He is also the co-founder of the Sacred Drum co.