Lori Crawford

Lori Beth Crawford is a synchronized swimming, Christian erotica writing, preacher’s kid from a small town in Ohio who devoured more television than was probably wise as a child. After high school, she left the small town for the semi-big city of St. Louis to study at Washington University. Once she graduated with a BA in Psychology and Writing, Lori moved to the even bigger city of Los Angeles to chase her dream of writing television shows. Along the way, she took a tiny detour into the world of authoring romance novels and has published five books with Kensington and other publishers. Since Lori returned to TV writing, she was selected for the inaugural class of UCLA’s Professional Program in TV Writing. After that, a few of her scripts have advanced in several high profile contests and fellowships like the Austin Film Festival, the Fox Writer’s Lab, the Page Awards and NBC’s Writers on the Verge. In addition to those placements, she’s been contracted to write 3 TV movie assignments for an indie producer and is always looking for the next opportunity to advance her career to a new level.