Living Single

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  1. Sorry I can’t make it for the event on Saturday. Cousin’s birthday and other stuff on the calendar. Wish I could be there. I hope to make it the next time.

  2. Hi. I would like to see the John Boyega movie at the Alamo Drafthouse in DTLA. I’m a screenwriter for feature and television high concept content. I’m currently working on a modern telling of the play Jitney by August Wilson and several other projects. I’m also looking for representation.

    • Hey Anthony, be sure to check your OBS inbox for David’s instructions on how to get the free tickets. He gives specific steps. I’d hate for you to miss out! 🙂

  3. Hi, Bonita. Thanks for the question. For those that need a little refresher, remember everything to do with you will be in the upper-righthand dropdown menu which is by your profile picture in the main header. From there select “pro

  4. Hi I’m in the process of referring someone and I’m not sure what my referral link is. Not sure how to apply this “”(The ?mref=(number) portion of the link